Kilmersdon footpaths are now being managed by our volunteer Footpath Warden (aka Publc Path Liason Officer) – Stuart Green
To help him, we also have a number of volunteers who have adopted some of the footpaths.

Register of Footpaths Adopted

With a few volunteers on it, there is there is room for more. The Parish Council cannot afford to pay contractors to keep all our footpaths clear and therefore has to rely on voluntary work. In case the insurance angle is putting you off, we have  Insurance cover in place for any volunteers working on behalf of the council. To preserve that cover, we keep the register. If you would like to help by adopting just one or two paths, please let the Clerk know.

What do they do?

Well, Stuart checks all our footpaths and reports anything needing repair or attention to the County Rights of Way Officer. Collapsing bridges are a good example.

Stuart and the volunteers, using small tools, do whatever they can when out walking to clear away any overgrowth. So, now, summer is here and everything is growing.  Reently, Stuart has been out and about, uncovering a few styles from under the foliage, with a few more to follow and he is soon to put together a simple list of the paths in the Parish to keep track of when they were cleared and what work has been done. Somerset County Council are keen for us to keep a record of work, which will show the value for their investment in supporting the volunteer network.

The records will be kept in a log to show something like “I cleared XX and it took me an hour.” Of course anybody is welcome to clear anything they find, irrelevant of where in the Parish they may be.

What’s the best way to describe problems, so either we can get them fixed locally or reported to SCC?

You can imagine that “The stile in the woods across 4 fields south of Kilmersdon” is going to be problematic! To help out, SCC have provided a link to an excellent new website, which is really easy to use and contains unique numbers for (nearly) every style, bridge, fingerpost etc. Just type a postcode into the search as a start point and go from there. If you find a problem anywhere that you need help with, contact Stuart or use the interactive map which will pinpoint the problem. The map can be found at:

Some of the things we know about are:
1. Of the two sign posts by the sewage treatment works,  one is rotten through and the other is in boggy ground.
2. The style on the way to Babington Woods has been broken for a long time.
3. The bridleway that runs alongside FR7/11 due west of Waterside Lane is missing from the maps and the stile in the same place has been destroyed with the path blocked by a gate.


Befor1 Have you been out into the fields lately? 


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And where there’s one there’s two !!


Stuart got carried away and cleared both



Feel like helping? You can be a volunteer and adopt a footpath near you – or further away if you feel adventurous! Just contact the Clerk.