Notice of Conclusion of Audit

Certified Annual Return 2016 17

Now, we can show you the latest figures from the financial year just ended – 2016/17

You can see the Annual Return for 2016/17 now

This still with the auditors and we have to tell you the Return is presented to you as UNAUDITED

We have given the auditors a fair bit of information which shows our current bank balances, the increases and decreases in our transactions, plus a statement of why we are holding reserves. It’s a lot, but if you click below you might think the effort worthwhile?


This includes:

  • Any difference of 15% or more  – up or down – between the two years shown, plus the reasons for the changes
  • Our bank balance for the year end. This bank statement matches up with our accounts – well, it has to !
  • A statement of our reserve cash which we use for a backup of about 6 months expenses and any special future tasks, such as replacing play equipment.



Included here is a note of how good your Councillors are when it comes to budget time. It has been said that anyone can produce a budget, but it takes something special to create one that can be worked to 🙂

To save you working it out, they were only 2.5% out. Not bad, eh?




We are also required to show you all items that cost more than £100, which is quite a lot.

Click on  – 100Club16

And click  for the Annual Governance Statement 2016 17


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