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Updated 10th February 2019

The Somerset Wood

The Somerset County Council project, the Somerset Wood, is to be a lasting memorial to those who fought and fell in the First World War.  It lies within the parishes of Cheddon Fitzpaine and West Monkton and will consist of 11,281 trees which have been sponsored.

Somerset County Council is asking individuals, groups and parishes to consider sponsoring the future maintenance of the trees in memory of relatives and friends.  They estimate the cost as £25 per tree per year.

How many fallen came from Kilmersdon in World War I?  Is there a will within the parish for a corresponding amount to be precepted each year to help maintain the Somerset Wood?  Or would you like to donate directly to Somerset County Council towards this project? We would like to hear from you with your thoughts and views.  Please email

Kilmersdon Parish Precept 2019/20

Last year (2018/19) Kilmersdon Parish Council did not increase its precept and it remained at £12,630.  For 2019/20 it was increased to £14,323, which equates to a rise of £4.62  per year for an average band D property.

What services does the Parish Council offer?

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications and provides a local voice on highways and environmental matters.  The play area adjacent to the Village Hall comes under its remit.   It supports the parish environment by paying for the street lighting at the Village Hall, grass cutting of the playing field and Jack and Jill hill, where it also funds the cutting back of the footpath and hedge trimming.   The Parish Council supports local organisations through grant funding.    It maintains some of the benches in the parish.

This year the Parish Council was pleased to see the setting up of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

How did the Parish Council perform last year?

The Parish Council was pleased to support a number of local organisations through grant provision this year, amongst them the Parish Church, the Parish magazine, the Village Day, Citizens Advice, the defibrillator and Mendip Community Transport.

Earmarked reserves were used for some essential repairs to the wooden framed play equipment and a new play surface under the basket swing was commissioned.

A new sign in the village hall car park helped to bring the overflow parking spaces into use.

We went out to tender for the grass cutting contract and the new contractor has started work.

Thanks to funding from the Village Day, the Parish Council has worked with local residents and Mendip District Council for two new signs for the village.

What is new for the next financial year?

The £2,000 increase in the budget is the Parish Council’s contribution to the moving of the 30mph signs in the village.  Seen as a high priority for safety reasons, the Parish Council has been in contact with the Highways Department for many months and has agreed to meet 50% of the costs.


The Parish Council is working to represent the people of Kilmersdon and make decisions in the best interests of the village.  We welcome your views and input.

Kilmersdon Parish Council


As you will have read in previous editions of the Parish News a Neighbourhood Plan Working Group has been established. Current members are Sandra Hall, Rosie Kane, Sally & Nick Evans, Yvonne Kirby and Jacki Hill Murphy. I am the Project Lead and the Parish Council representative. The Parish Clerk, Lesley, has added a section about the Neighbourhood Plan under the tab “Planning” on the Kilmersdon Parish Council webpage and this will be updated as progress is made.

Jo Milling from Mendip Planning will be providing support to the Group and we are investigating the engagement of a planning consultant. The process of applying for funding to support the develop of the Plan has started and the Working Group aims to complete the Plan by the end of 2020. Our next steps are on gathering data relating to the Parish.

Should anyone like more information please feel free to contact me at

Donald Hudson

Parish Councillor