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Updated 14th January 2019

At the November Parish Council meeting two proofs of village signs were presented and it was agreed to go ahead with artwork detailed below.  Many thanks to the Village Day Committee for funding two thirds of the costs, with the Parish Council meeting the final third and Somerset County Council arranging the installation.

It is good to see a group of residents coming together to form the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.  If you are interested in knowing more or taking part please contact the Parish Council and we will put you in touch with the group.

November saw the allocation of grant funding by the Parish Council.  This year, cuts from government at a higher level meant that more groups contacted the Parish Council for vital funding and the budget was spread between the groups.

In the play park the branches overhanging the zip wire are to be cut right back.

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting are available to read in full at  and the next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 17th December at 7.30pm at the Coles Garden Meeting room, all residents are welcome to attend.

With warm wishes for a happy and peaceful  Christmas and New Year from the Parish Council.